The biggest cruise over the world will visit Barcelona

El puerto de Barcelona es el cuarto puerto de cruceros con más tráfico de todo el mundo, superado solamente por tres puertos en el Estado de Florida, en Estados Unidos. Este puesto en el ranking y sus más de 2,3 millones de pasajeros anuales han sido los factores claves para que la compañía haya decidido utilizar este puerto como base de lo que se considera un ensayo para el posible traslado de un barco de este tamaño al mediterráneo, con base en Barcelona.

Good news for the Port of Barcelona. Royal Caribbean International, which owns the world’s largest cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas, has chosen Barcelona as the base port for the first voyages of this ship in Europe.

This cruise, based in the Caribbean, will use its visit to Rotterdam for a periodic review to make three cruises from the port of Barcelona. His arrival is scheduled for September 13, 2014 and the company’s expectations are ambitious.

The Port of Barcelona is ranked as the fourth cruise port around the world, after three ports in the State of Florida, in the United States. This position in the ranking and more than 2.3 million passengers every year have been the key factors that made the company decide to use this port as a base for what is considered a test for the possible transfer of a ship of this size to Mediterranean, based in Barcelona.

With capacity for 6,000 passengers, Oasis of the Seas is simply stunning. Ranging from a park with more than 12,000 natural plants up outdoor aquatic amphitheater. This video of the own company can serve as apetitizer:

To operate a boat of this size, the Port of Barcelona will have to use two of the seven terminals simultaneously  to carry out the turnaround operations, since we are talking about that in a single operation of this type a volume of more than 12,000 passengers will be finishing or starting a cruise. A challenge that the city of Barcelona and its port will for sure successfully overcome.

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