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Boqueria Market


In the middle of La Rambla is located the famous La Boqueria market, also called Sant Josep market. Its wide range of products has become La Boqueria in one of the great tourist attractions of Barcelona.

The market of La Boqueria (or Sant Josep) was opened in 1836. Currently, it has a surface area exceeding 2,500 square meters and more than 300 establishments.

La Boqueria market was born as a local market. However, over the years and especially during the twenty-first century, a lot of establishments run by immigrants have been installed in the market, which has enriched the Boqueria with a wide variety of foods of South America, Japan, Italy, Greece, or Arab countries.

The wide variety of foods that you can find in the market of La Boqueria have become the Sant Josep market a major attraction for tourists and visitors and also for Barcelona citizens.

As a result of this wide variety of products, one of the features that stand out most in La Boqueria is the color of its stands. It is very common to find tourists making photographs in the establishments as if they were in front of a monument.

Although today it is a covered market, in its origin, La Boqueria were an outdoor market. It was located in the Pla de la Boqueria (from here his name). Street vendors and farmers of nearby farms went there to sell their products. Before the market exist, in its place there was the convent of San Jose (and for this reason La Boqueria is also known as Sant Josep market; Saint Joseph, in catalan).

La Boqueria market is located on La Rambla, an emblematic street in Barcelona which is always full of people and that is characterized by the large number of artists doing small shows in the street. There are also a lot of commerce in La Rambla and a lot of y de accommodations. La Rambla is an excellent place where sleep if you want to know the trendiest part of the city.

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