Go to the beach in Barcelona

Going to the beach in Barcelona some years ago was an unattractive activity. But not now. With Olympic Games in 1992, the city was renovated completely. One of the major changes was the improvement of the beaches of the city.

It was renovated and currently going to the beach in Barcelona is one of the many activities of leisure and relaxation that can be held in Barcelona. Although it is not considered that Barcelona is a destination of beach, there are thousands of people who visit the city leverage to go to the beach and take a swim.

Going to the beach in Barcelona

What about the best time to going to the beach in Barcelona? if you come from a northern country it is quite likely that you will find the water warm enough in Autumn and Spring. Locals find the temperature of the sea warm enough to bath from June to September, although it is possible to see locals sunbathing in May or in October.

Beaches in Barcelona are very similar. These are surrounded by shops and restaurants. It especially highlights Barceloneta Beach for being in a place completely surrounded by activities and entertainment. Before or after going to the beach, we can use for shopping, eat tapas, or have a lunch in the area.

Another great advantage of going to the beach in Barcelona is that you can easily reach there by public transport (metro, bus and tram). Below, we detail a list of Barcelona’s beaches, sorted by popularity:

  • Barceloneta Beach
  • Somorrostro Beach
  • Sant Miquel Beach
  • Sant Sebastià Beach
  • Nova Icària Beach
  • Bogatell Beach
  • Mar Bella Beach
  • Nova Mar Bella Beach
  • Llevant Beach

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