Typical tapas in Barcelona


If you come to Barcelona, you have to know what are “tapas” and you have to taste it. Tapas are small, snack-sized portion of anything, served with a drink.

It is said that tapas originated in the South of Spain, but today it is tradition to eat them throughout the country, also in Barcelona.Typical tapas in Barcelona

The word “tapas” has his origin in the verb ‘tapar‘ (to cover), so a tapa is a lid. This inspired a popular notion that the old practice of covering drinks with plates to protect them from dirt or insects was later replaced with a small snack, that people could eat.

Eating tapas is a social activity. People meet in bars with friends or family in order to eating tapas and have a nice time. Moreover, for the tourists is a perfect way to fast a lot of different local dishes.

Years ago, people went to eat tapas at the afternoon, at after-work time. But any time is good for tasting tapas. It is true that people usually go to eat tapas between 5 P.M. and 8 P.M., before the dinner. However, a lot of people go to eat tapas at noon, before the lunch, especially on weekend or on holydays.

For example, if you are visiting Barcelona, you can make a break between visits and this moment is a fantastic opportunity to eat tapas and relax! 🙂

The most typical tapas in Barcelona:

There are a lot of typical tapas in Barcelona because in Barcelona there are a lot of local dishes to taste, but here there are some good examples of tapas that we recommend:

  • Aceitunas: olives never miss in any tapas table.
  • Calamares: a very common tapa in Barcelona. Calamares are usually fried and served with lemon.
  • Embutidos y queso: a selection of cold meats and cheese. You have to taste it!
  • Jamón Ibérico: It is one of the delights of Spanish sausages. A lot of people think is the best “embutido” (cold meat) we have in Spain. It usually served on bread with tomato (“Pan con tomate”, very typical in Spain).
  • Patatas bravas: A very typical tapa. Small fried cubes of potatoes drizzled with one delicious sauce (usually, all-i-oli, a typical catalán sauce)
  • Pimientos de Padrón: these small green peppers were originally from Galicia. They’re typically fried in olive oil or served raw. Some of them are spicy.
  • Tortilla española: 100% made in Spain. It is one of the most famous Spanish dishes. This thick Spanish omelette is made from egg, potatoes and usually onions.
  • Wine… or beer!: One tapa tastes better with Spanish wine (or beer, if you prefer) as accompaniment.

If you go to eat tapas in Barcelona, is important to find a good place where eat well. Although in any place from Barcelona you can eat tapas, there are some areas, such as El Born or Poble Sec where there are a lot of small bars with a great variety of tapas and very good prices.

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