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Sant Joan Night- 23th June

Summer solstice is comming and also the shortest night of the year: Sant Joan (Saint John). In Barcelona, this night of the year we celebrate Sant Joan Feast.
The celebrations takes place on 23 June at night, but the actual feast day is on the 24 June.

In Sant Joan night, Barcelona celebrate the start of the summer. It is the longest day of the year and the shortest night too! Sant Joan is one of the most important feast days for Catalans and is celebrated throughout Barcelona and in all Catalonian villages. It is a celebration renowned for the electric atmosphere in the air and the parties that there are (called Revetlles) .

Sant Joan Fiest

Catalans call Sant Joan the ‘Night of Fire’. The main aspect to the celebrations is fireworks. These night there are a lot of fires in the streets (mainly on the beach) and fireworks and firecrackers everywhere.

Some days before to Sant Joan night, you will see a lot of temporary fireworks shops open up throughout the city, with queues down the street, specially of children and young people. Many groups of families and friends organise their own little parties.

If you do not have a friend’s party to go to, the most common place for people to head to for Sant Joan in Barcelona is the beach, where a lot of people make bonfires. Barceloneta, one of the most famous beaches of Barcelona,  begins filling up during the early evening on 23 June, with groups who bring picnics and cava to watch the fireworks displays and listen to the music playing in  beach bars.

Sant Joan Feast is a night to have a long dinner (with family or friends). During the dinner time, close to the beach restaurants put decorations, additional tables, and chairs because they expect a lot of people.

Regardless of what is for dinner, the night of Sant Joan is typical drinking cava and eating coca as a dessert

If you are visiting Barcelona, enjoy the party in its different stages!!

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