Barcelona Harley Days, a million visitors and 21,000 motorcyclists

The Barcelona Harley Days 2013, which was held at Fira Montjuïc in Barcelona last weekend, received more than a million visitors and about 21,000 Harley-Davidson owners that generated an economic impact of eight million euros in the Catalan capital.

At a press conference, the co-organizer of the event and president of Open Events Group, Carlos Rodriguez, said that 40% of bikers from European countries such as Germany, Italy and Switzerland, and that of some 400,000 million visitors come from outside Barcelona, most cities in the metropolitan area.

“We have the best location in the world.’re In the city center, so that Harley joins Barcelona, and Barcelona meets Harley” defended the CEO of Harley-Davidson in Spain and Portugal, Josep grain.

The manager Nigel Villiers Harley Davidson called this edition of Barcelona Harley Days of “exceptional” to coincide with the 110th anniversary of the company, and said that the Catalan capital is one of the cities where they feel more comfortable when organizing events “We try to create epic experiences for the consumer. Roma’s event was epic, and Barcelona is also going to be.”

For his part, the Mayor for Economy, Business and Employment of the City of Barcelona, Sonia Recasens, said the eight million would generate the Barcelona Harley Days are important, but added that it considers most relevant “success of public participation , civics, and family party. “

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