Poble Espanyol in Barcelona

Poble Espanyol in Barcelona is a museum in the open air, it shows the variety of popular Spanish architecture (and culture) with very different buildings, shops and restaurants combined in perfect harmony.

It was built for the international exhibition of Barcelona, in 1929, to publicise the richness and diversity of the cultures of the Spanish territories.

In the Poble Espanyol you can see the reproduction of 117 buildings, streets and squares of different points of Spain forming an architectural Museum in the open air in which sees itself represented the variety of Spanish popular architecture.

Entrance to Poble Espanyol in Barcelona

Visit all Spain while strolling in this 49,000 m2 village that brings together the main characteristics of the architecture of the different regions of the country. You can see some of this buildings in the official website.

In addition, there are small stands with samples of arts and crafts, as well as workshops related to ceramic, sculpture, fabrics, jewelry, painting, glass, etc full of craftsmen. The site is so well known for the concentration and quality of its craftsmen who has been declared area of craft interest by the Catalan Government.

And at night, there’s more in Poble Espanyol. You’ll find multiple and diverse activities, from concerts, disco nights and wine tastings. At night the enclosure becomes an ideal place to enjoy a good meal, to chat or to arrange a meeting between friends.


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