Barcelona by bike


Barcelona by bikeBarcelona city is perfect to ride a bike. Much of it is flat, especially the lower part, the beaches and the more touristic areas. In fact, it is quite an experience to cycle round the city among the locals and the tourists. So discover Barcelona by bike. It is relaxing, enjoyable and environmentally-friendly!

Since 2007, Barcelona has had a municipal bike hire service, called Bicing, which you will recognise by the bike stations in many parts of the city. For more information, consult the Bicing website or go to the Bicing offices in Plaça de Carles Pi i Sunyer, on Avinguda del Portal de l’Àngel.

There is a constantly growing network of cycle lanes, providing more space for bikes across the city. There are a number of companies which rent out bikes and organise private guided tours for groups, especially in the more popular areas for visitors. You will find these companies in the area round Ciutadella Park.

Enjoy Barcelona by bike!

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