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Summer nights in La Pedrera (Casa Milà)

In other previous posts of this blog we have already spoken about La Pedrera (Casa Milà). We know you like this monument. When we share content (image, posts…) about La Pedrera in social networks, it has a lot of likes 🙂

So you’re in luck!

In summer, until 7th September, you can go to La Pedrera also at night. Amazing!!

Noches verano en La Pedrera de Gaudí

 The magical Nits d’estiu of the city of Barcelona: a unique experience to enjoy La Pedrera at night, with live jazz music on the terrace, with one of the most spectacular views of Barcelona. The meeting place every summer of this special, popular Barcelona evening, where visitors join jazz enthusiasts.

Throughout the summer, from 20th June to 7th September, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we can vibrate to the best jazz from Barcelona and artists from the international jazz scene. A wide and very diverse musical programme: 36 sessions, 12 bands and various programmes to enjoy the great jazz currently experienced in Barcelona.

The proximity with the musicians and the magic of the venue on the terrace of La Pedrera, which creates the extraordinary shapes of Gaudí, make it a unique musical evening which is different for each visitor. Nits d’estiu includes a free visit to Espai Gaudí, a museum exhibition located in the attic of the building which, through audiovisuals, models, furniture and other elements, gives a complete run through the work of this exceptional architect. The visit to this exhibition and the nooks and crannies of the building is followed by a glass of cava on the terrace, another emblematic place which invites you to experience the heritage, the evening, the city and the music.

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