Greek Theatre in Barcelona

Did you know Barcelona has a replica of a Greek Theatre (Teatre Grec) surrounded by gardens? We are talking about the Teatre Grec, located on Passeig de Santa Madrona, at the foot of Montjuïc mountain.

The gardens of the Teatre Grec (Greek Theatre) of Barcelona is one of the green spaces created in the Montjuïc mountain on the occasion of the International Exhibition of 1929.

A former quarry allowed the construction of an amphitheater, which each summer hosts many of the representations of the Grec Festival of Barcelona. It’s a sunny, organized in geometric parterres, with pergolas and terraces from where you can see the mountain garden and amazing views of the city.

Greek Theatre in Barcelona

The best way to acces to the Greek Theatre and its gardens is from the Passeig de Santa Madrona. We will find in front of a large stone staircase ascends imperial on both sides of the wall.

This garden is the second public rose garden was created in Barcelona (the first was the Colla de l’Arròs in Laribal Gardens) and was given the name after the first Amargós architect who designed the mountain planning of Montjuic.

Greek Theatre in Barcelona

In these gardens we can see three trees that are part of the Catalogue of Trees of Local Interest in Barcelona. To the right of access on the large terrace that leads to the amphitheater, stands a huge stone pine (Pinus pinea) centenary, and left the amphitheater, under the restaurant, there is a copy of Lagunaria patersonii, species popularly known as “pica-pica “of the fluff stinging from its seeds. On the road that connects Greek Theatre Garden with Laribal Gardens is a copy coral tree (Erythrina lysistemon).

Once the visit ends, we recommend walk about five minutes to the nearest ornamental Font del Gat (Cat’s Fountain).

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