Sants Festival 2013

One more time, after the Festival of Gracia District, begins another popular festivities in Barcelona: the Festa Major de Sants, one of the largest districts of the city.

Although not quite as famous as Gracia festival, the “Festa Major de Sants” is worth a visit.

Many of the main activities take place in “Parc de l’Espanya Industrial” and 14 streets in Sants (2013) decorated by the residents in colorful themes.

There are many chances to see Catalan traditions like the firework fireruns for children and for adults. The Dyad Castellera day is human tower at Parc de l’Espanya Industrial and you can see giants and big heads called gegants and capgrossos at the opening parade and at the Giants dance.

Check the website and Sants Festa Major Programme on the links below for activities and a map of decorated streets (only catalan version):

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