Montjuïc Castle (Castell de Montjuïc)

Montjuïc Castle (Castell de Montjuïc), currently a municipal equipment, is an ancient military fortress that has played an important role in the history of Barcelona and it is well worth visiting. The visit is free.

Located 173 meters above the sea, the Montjuic Castle is a perfect place to enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the city of Barcelona and take amazing photos.

Montjuïc Castle visit (Castell de Montjuïc)

The first military premises at this place was during the War of Segadors. In 1640 there was built a watchtower. The place was perfect, as it offered 360-degree views.

But when it really became famous Montjuic Castle was during the War of Succession (Guerra de Successió), when between 1705 and 1714 it played a key role in the defense of the city.

Throughout the History of the city, Barcelona has been bombed several times from the castle of Montjuïc, which is why some even keep a bad memory of him.

Its walls have also functioned as a prison at various stages. But the fact that certainly the most remembered Montjuïc Castle is to be the place where they shot the president of the Generalitat de Catalunya Lluís Companys. It was on October 15, 1940.

Montjuïc Castle visit (Castell de Montjuïc)

In 2007, the Montjuic Castle became the property of the City of Barcelona. For over 40 years, the Castell de Montjuïc housed a military museum, which closed its doors in 2009.

How to arrive to the Montjuïc Castle to visit it?

Visit the Castle of Montjuïc is strongly recommended, both for tourists and residents of Barcelona who have not yet gone to see him.

Montjuïc Castle visit (Castell de Montjuïc)

Bus 150 leaves from the Plaza Spain and drop off at the door. You can also arrive there combining Metro (to stop Paral.lel) and Funicular de Montjuïc (both tickets included in the transportation card).

Once there, you can take the cable car to Montjuic (6.50 €), walking for about 10 minutes to the entrance of the castle or take the bus 150, which goes through the door of the Funicular.

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