Plaza Real in Barcelona (Royal Square)


The Plaza Real in Barcelona (Plaça Reial, in Catalan) is one of the most famous squares of the city. It is located a few steps to the famous Ramblas in Barcelona, in the Gothic Quarter, and it is famous for its arcades that surround the square.

The Plaza Real (Royal Square) is a work of architect Daniel Molina. Built in the mid nineteenth century, the square was designed in the neoclassical style, but is very famous for modernist lampposts designed by Gaudí to place in the middle of the Square.

Around Plaza Real found the Royal Palace, the Chapel of St. Agatha, the Palace and the House Clarian Lloctinent Padellàs. In the center of the square there is a fountain known as the Fountain of the Three Graces.

It is a very visited place and it is always full of tourists and onlookers taking photos or enjoy a drink at one of the terrace cafés. In fact, all around the Plaza, under the arches are filled with bars and restaurants.

The curious lampposts designed by Gaudí are characterized by having in its upper part a winged helmet referring to the Barcelona commercial impulse of the moment. They have between three and six arms. This type of lamps, we can also see in Pla de Palau, were the first officially commissioned Gaudí received by the Council of Barcelona.

After visiting the Plaza Real in Barcelona, you can continue walking along La Rambla, visit the Plaza Sant Jaume (the square where it is located the City Council) or down to see the Columbus monument and walk near the sea. Both options are within walking distance.


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