Giants in Mercè Festival 2013

Gigantes en la Fiesta de la Mercè de Barcelona

Giants of Mercè Festival in Barcelona are one of the most popular activities in our city. Both children and adults are wishing to see them.

These giant figures, which for several weeks before Mercè Festival “sleep” in the Palau de la Virreina (in La Rambla de Barcelona), walk and dance between citizens and tourists who come to see them.

The giants are figures of kings, queens and nobles, vintage dresses, that spin so that the audience can see them from all sides. There are also “big heads” between shapes. Giants are usually accompanied by small groups of musicians playing a rhythm with the drums.

Mercè Giants route will be: Marqués de l´Argentera, Comerç, Princesa, Via Laietana, Jaume I i pl. Sant Jaume

Remember that there are many more events and activities to do during the Mercè Festival 2013 in Barcelona.Discover the best in these days in our post about the program of the Mercè Festival 2013! 😉

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