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Run-fires Mercè 2013 (El Correfocs)

Run-fires Mercè 2013 (El Correfocs)The Run-fires of Mercè Festival 2013 is one of the most desired activities of the Barcelona Main Festival. Maybe because people love seeing the fire at outdoor parties.

Like every year, in 2013 the Mercè Run-Fires be held when the night begins to fall and there will be two of the Mercè 2013 different run-fires: one for child (or young) and another one for adult people. It is very important children do not participate in the adult Mercè people, because they could be injured.

Run-fires Mercè 2013- Saturday

On Saturday, the Run-Fires fires are known as Dragons and Beasts’ Fire. In fact, it is not exactly the same as the Run-fires, but it is a very similar activity and it is sometimes classified with the same name.
When night falls, dragons and beasts’ fire go out through the streets without pyrotechnics. This year you can see new figures as Loki “Chimera of Barcelona”, Gato del Poble Sec Sirus or the Tiger Mosquito.
The route of the run-fires with Fire Dragons and Beasts of Saturday night is: Pl Sant Jaume Ferran, the Rambla, Cardinal Cassañas, pl. of Pi, pl. Sant Josep Oriol, Palla, pl. Nova, Bisbe, pl. Sant Jaume, within the City Council.

Run-fire Mercè 2013- Sunday

The Sunday comes the long awaited Run-fires Mercè 2013. The Run-fires 100% original, the most loved by people 😀

Although the tradition of Run-fires figures acting comes from long ago, the Fire Run itself was born in 1979. It was a sample of Fantastic Beasts in which groups participated. The show, with a background in dance traditions like hell already danced in the Fourteenth century, was renamed in Fire-Run and became an immediate success that has come to define the Mercè festival. You can see sparks fireworks, Lucifer, the She-Devil, the Devil Gros and fire all the beasts of the bestiary Barcelona, among which include the Vibria, the Mule, the Sagresaure, the Tolc in Gaudiamus and many figures.
The route of the Run-fires Sunday will be: pl. Antoni Maura, Via Laietana and pl. Antonio Lopez.

Caution in Run-Fire Mercè 2013

Enjoy run-fire, but be careful. Try wearing a head to avoid getting burned hair, and thick long-sleeved shirts to protect us from the Fire Run. It is also a good idea to wear comfortable shoes if you need to run or move quickly.

Watch a video of Run-Fire in Mercè 2012 and imagine how will be this year;-)

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