Rumba’s night in Plaça Catalunya today

Mercè Festival has already begun and today is Rumba’s night in Plaça Catalunya!

Yesterday Ferran Adrià made the official opening ceremony of Mercè 2013 and today there are a lot of activities in different places in the city. Today Friday, one of the highlights activities is the night of Rumba in Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona.

At 9.30 PM. Rumba’s night starts with Los Manolos, who dared to check the Beatles in pop rumba version with ‘All My Loving‘ and authors of that Olympic ‘Amigos para siempre’.

After, at 11 PM., we can enjoy the music of Peret, the “teacher of the Catalan Rumba”.

Have fun on Mercè 2013 weekend and enjoy the city! We are going to enjoy the Rumba’s night from the privileged situation of Barcelona City Ramblas guesthouse and we will listen to the concerts in Plaça Catalunya from the balcony 🙂

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