The entrance arch of Boqueria Market, in restoration

The entrance arch of Boqueria market is under restoration since late August. Is expected to be completed in December.

It is an arch decorated with stained glass modernist geometric design Cibes blue and yellow and brown colors resting on two columns decorated with ceramic brittle designed by architect A. Fern in 1913.

The intervention involves disassembly, cleaning, replacement of damaged parts and installation of stained glass and mosaic bottom and replacing all lead network that supports the glass.

The entrance arch of Boqueria Market, in restoration

With the removal of the tiles on the bottom began operation modernist arch comprehensive restoration. The next step of a work that is scheduled for completion in early December was mounting the scaffold and the recent placement of the canvas. The restoration of the entrance arch of Boqueria has an initial budget of 80,000 euros.
This restoration, when we celebrate the centenary of its placement, is the first comprehensive restoration work done on the site, since although the structure was strengthened and restored the stained glass and the coat of Barcelona hanging garlands of flowers, mosaic, for example, had only occasional reconstruction interventions.

The restoration of the entrance arch of La Boqueria involve the participation of various professional restoration and conservation of real estate, specifically glaziers, blacksmiths, masons, painters and mosaic restorers.

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