“De tapes a Barcelona”: tapa + beer 2,40 euros

"De tapes per Barcelona": tapas por 2,40 euros en octubre

The 7th edition of “De Tapes per Barcelona”  (Tapas in Barcelona “) begins today. This initiative began seven years ago. It allows us to enjoy a tapa (snack) and a little beer (Estrella Damm)  for 2,40 euros.

This year the initiative will last longer that other editions. In 2013, you can enjoy cheap tapas for 19 days in a total of 77 places. From today to 20th October!

The information of the initiative is designed for mobile use. In fact, there is an app for you to know what bars and restaurants are participating and what tapas offer. But if you are looking for the map of “De Tapes per Barcelona”, here we leave the link for you to look quietly on your computer:  http://goo.gl/jrSZxK

“De Tapes per Barcelona”… and win a dinner

Every time you eat a tapa on Barcelona in any of the bars and restaurants involved in the initiative you can vote and participate in the competition for a dinner for two. How? Very easy. You have two options: vote at the polls you’ll find the place where you eat your tapas or vote in Gastronosfera’s Facebook page .

We hope you enjoy tapas in Barcelona much as we do 🙂

You can get more info on blog of Gastronoesfera

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