Cacaolat was born in Barcelona


Did you know Cacaolat was born in Barcelona? It was born at Xuclà Street, a small street in the Raval Quarter, in the Catalan Granja Viader, where even today you can enjoy a good snack.

In an article in the newspaper El Pais published in April 2011, Mercè Casademunt Viader, the owner of Granja Viader, told about Cacaolat: “My great uncle [Josep Viader] wanted to use skimmed milks, which nobody ate back then. People needed taking fat, so they ate a lot of butter and whole milk. After trying a cold chocolate drink on a trip to Hungary, Viader proposed replicate and fabricate industrially. “He brought a chemist there and started doing tests until they found the formula”.

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La Granja Viader is the oldest farm in Barcelona, with over 150 years of history. The Cacaolat was occurring at the Farm Viader, Calle Xuclà, until the late 60s’ when Clesa bought the brand.

It is a curious place where you can go shopping or have a snack. Upon entering, you will see a deli-type cheese counter where deli-primarily marketed dairy products, meats, pastries and some preserves.

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Granja Viader is currently the only establishment of its own Barcelona pasteurized milk from a farm brought Cardedeu. Although no longer being manufactured Cacaolat, always full of people eating dairy products: cheese, Swiss chocolate, strawberries and cream, cakes and other treats.

Definitely a good option to enjoy a snack in Barcelona if you walk along Las Ramblas or near


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