Smart City Expo 2013, the exhibition of environmental technologies


The Smart City Expo 2013, the exhibition of environmental technologies, will take place this year at Fira de Barcelona from 19th to 21th November.

The Smart City Expo began to be held in Barcelona in 2011. It was the first global event focused on the development of smart cities to channel the need to tackle from a holistic point of view the challenges that metropolises from the five continents were facing.

Smart City Expo 2013, the exhibition of environmental technologiesOn its first edition, the new trade show and congress gathered cities from around the world together with breakthrough thinkers such as Carlo Ratti, Anthony Townsend, Jeremy Rifkin, Adam Greenfield and Gunther Pauli, as well as the top international companies developing and implementing smart solutions worldwide.

One year later, on its second edition, Smart City Expo World Congress established itself as the world’s top event on smart cities. With over 7.000 attendees, Barcelona brought together leading companies, government representatives and world-class experts to share ideas and collaborate on a collective effort to make our cities and our every day life more liveable and sustainable.

Technology is setting a new landscape of possibilities for fostering these improvements and making cities more accessible, manageable, communicative, and citizen minded. The impact this is having is so profound that is even changing processes that are not technology centred.

The Smart City Expo World Congress is gathering together forward thinking on cities and citizenship with ready-to-use solutions for making our cities better places to live and work.

In Smart City Expo 2013 will display all the elements of a city that has to become a smart city expo. Conferences, roundtables and breakout sessions, the conference will promote discussion on the issues raised in the program.

More information about Smart City Expo in the official website:

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