St. Lucia Fair (Fira de Santa Llúcia)

St. Lucia Fair (Fira de Santa Llúcia)

Christmas is coming and Barcelona knows that one of the most typical events is St. Lucia Fair (Fira de Santa Llúcia), a Christmas Fair which is held around the Cathedral of Barcelona and it is dedicated to the sale of typical Christmas products, as Nativity, Christmas trees and other typical products typical in Catalonia.

The Fira de Santa Llucia 2013 will begin this year on 30st November.

The Fira de Santa Llucia is a traditional event very old. In fact, historian Joan Amades wrote about it in his famous book Costumari Català. The origins of the Fira de Santa Llucia date back at least to 1786.

St. Lucia Fair (Fira de Santa Llúcia)

This year the fair will have a total of 283 stands installed on the Avenida de la Catedral to offer Christmas decorations for all types so we can decorate our homes with typical ornaments. The stands of the Fira de Santa Llucia be classified, once again, into four types:

• Nativity scenes and figures, which offers primarily: crib accessories landscape, caves, figures, christmas lights, balls, candles and Christmas decorations for home, cribs and trees.

• Crafts, where you will find all kinds of handmade products and accessories such as clothing, jewelry, decorative items and gifts and many others.

• Zambombas, where there are, besides the traditional instrument, tambourines and many other tools to give a musical touch to your Christmas.

• Green and vegetation, where you can find natural or artificial trees, moss, uncles of all sizes, cork pilgrim, bouquets of luck, eucalyptus branches and the like.

If you visit Barcelona in December Bankholiday, do not miss stopping by the Santa Llucia Fair. It will end on December 23st.

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