On the air, new show by The Chanclettes

Here’s a funny proposal for Monday’s night on December.

The Catalan theater group The Chanclettes have thought that the current situation we live in is a good time to take life with more grace and wit than ever and has therefore created the show On the air, which humorously laughs of everyday life in today’s society and satirizes society and trends in which we live.

On the air is an amalgam of portraits hilarious to satirize our moment. Diversity, mobile, sex, globalization, homosexuality, immigration, drugs, the right to decide, consumerism, Internet … The universe is Chanclettes proposes in their new show.

The Chanclettes

On the air, under the direction of Josep Maria Portavella i Pallàs, is in Catalan, Spanish and English. The script for the play is written by Josep Coll, and Josep Maria Portavella.
The Chanclettes is a company formed by Josep Coll, and Josep Maria Xavier Portavella Palomino.

The show will take place every Monday December at 2 am in the Metro nightclub (C / Sepulveda 185).

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We are looking forward to see it! 😉

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