MACBA Barcelona: Museum of Contemporary Art

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MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona) is undoubtedly one of the most famous museums in Barcelona. It has more than 5,000 works on display and is a place worth visiting if you like art .

The MACBA building is very modern and is particularly striking for two reasons. First, by its size and its white color gives it a very futuristic . Secondly because it is always surrounded by skaters since the square where (Plaça dels Angels ) is a common meeting point of the city skaters .

The MACBA not only exhibits always the same . It alsos include travelling exhibitions . All the works always have something in common : they are made ​​during the second half of the twentieth century .

This is a museum known for making your visitors interact with the art, and therefore focuses on activities and programs of this type .

Currently the MACBA in several buildings around the Plaça dels Angels : the main building, the documentation center and the Convent of the Angels .

MACBA Collection is the backbone of the museum allows investigating the route of the main lines of contemporary artistic creation since the second half of the twentieth century .

MACBA collection comprises more than 5,000 works , created from the late 50s to the present . The collection itself was officially established on June 19, 1997 when it signed the MACBA Consortium between the Generalitat of Catalonia , the Barcelona City Council and the Museum of Contemporary Art Foundation , joining the previously deposited funds , as well as other groups of works transferred or deposited by other institutions or private collectors.

In 2007 he created the Center MACBA Study , which develops a facet of collecting complementary to the traditional collection .

Later in 2011 , the Foundation ” La Caixa ” and joined the museum collections of contemporary art, creating a collection of 5,500 works . The result of this union , the fall of 2011 was presented in Barcelona exposiciónVolumen ! , With works by prominent artists such as Bruce Nauman , Cristina Iglesias, Antoni Muntadas or Miserachs Xavier , among many others.

It is expected that the MACBA collections and box can be seen in China , Japan, the Philippines and Malaysia between 2012 and 2014 , thanks to a collaboration with Spanish Cultural Action (AC / E).

MACBA is certainly one of the museums worth seeing in Barcelona. Enjoy it!


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