Patatas bravas, a classic tapa in Barcelona


In other posts we have already spoken of the typical tapas in Barcelona. But today we speak of a tapa you will see in all bars and restaurants where you go to eat or drink: patatas bravas.

Patatas bravas are shaped chips usually served with a sauce called “brave” and that each place has different characteristics, but always seems to be spicy. The patatas bravas are often eaten accompanied by wine or beer.

Patatas bravas, a classic in Barcelona

Eating patatas bravas with friends is almost a social event. In fact, it is so famous that even books have been written about where to eat patatas bravas in Barcelona.

Although there are a lot of listings and rankings of the best places to eat bravas, there is a site that always stands out above all others: the bar Tomàs in Sarria (Major de Sarria Street, 49)

For the fans of patatas patats bravas (like us :-P) do not miss the web You will find dozens of recommendations of where to eat this typical tapa! 😉

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