The narrowest street in Barcelona

Although Barcelona is a big city also has small and narrow streets, some very small and narrow. Today we talk about the narrowest street in Barcelona.

The narrowest street in Barcelona has name of insect. It is called Carrer de les Mosques (Street of the Flies). The narrowest part of the street is 1.48 meters, so a couple holding hands could not cross it 🙂

The narrowest street in Barcelona

However, it is said that years ago a car model 600 came to circulate this little street. Remember that this vehicle width was 1.38 meters, so space passed very fair.

The narrowest street in Barcelona is located behind the church of Santa Maria del Mar in the Born district. Since 1991 is closed by both sides and can not be accessed due to the use uncivil people, who had turned the small street in a kind of outdoor urinal.

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