All-i-oli, typical sauce in Barcelona and Catalonia


All-i-oli sauce is typical in Barcelona and Catalonia. Its name means “garlic and oil” and is a typical sauce in many places of the Mediterranean.

The all-i-oli is often used as an accompaniment to some of the dishes, especially preparations of fish or shellfish


How do you cook all-i-oli?

The all-i-oli is prepared with garlic and olive oil, as its name suggests.

There is much to crush the garlic to extract the juice, and that’s what flirting with oil, and adding the oil with an oil, almost drop by drop to not cutting and removing the hub. The only way to cut a aioli is wanting to go too fast and add too much oil at once.

At first the taste and smell of garlic is very strong, more than garlic just because of the fat contributed by the oil, but gradually becomes diluted. Anyway, for a mortar two garlic aioli normally enough, though you can add one or two more to get a stronger flavor in garlic and a little spicy. A garlic, at first, is added a little salt.

At the end you can add salt and optionally, add a few drops of lemon juice and seasoning. In modern salsa can be mounted with mixer or other similar devices.

If you come to Barcelona to visit, be sure to eat it! 😉

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