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Depeche Mode concert in Barcelona 2014


If you are a fan of Depeche Mode you are in luck because they will be in Barcelona in 2014, specifically on January 15 at the Palau Sant Jordi.

Depeche Mode concert in Barcelona on January 15 is part of the European tour that the group is undertaking to promote their latest album, Delta Machine.

Delta Machine is the 23rd disc offers Depeche Mode. The album promotion tour is leading by more than 40 countries. It is the first time a tour group will visit for the first time Serbia, Belarus and the United Arab Emirates.
Imagen de archivo Depeche Mode (Wikipedia)

The songs played by the band in concert tour Depeche Mode are about 20, most of them from the album Delta Machine. In concert could appreciate the inclusion of post-album Black Celebration 1986 subjects, also including Just Can not Get Enough (1981).

Notably, three of the issues are not incorporated in their eponymous versions, but in its remixed by other artists, A Pain That I’m Used To (2005), the classic Halo (1990) and the intro of ways I Feel You (1993), which in turns Touring the Angel took the intro theme Home.

Accommodation for the assistants to Depeche Mode concert in Barcelona 2014

After enjoying the music of Depeche Mode, you will need a place to sleep, and if it is an economic lodging much better! We give you three proposals:

  1. Barcelona City North is a accommodation located in the northern center of Barcelona, on the border of the districts of Eixample, Gracia and Sarria-Sant Gervasi. Barcelona City North offers you all the conveniences that interest you in a hostel in Barcelona with an excellent value for money. Prices are adjusted and if you book on its official website leaves you free breakfast:
  2. Barcelona City Street is situated right at the top of the center of Barcelona, on the border of the districts Sarria-Sant Gervasi, Eixample and Gràcia. The Barcelona City Street is a small hostel with all the amenities needed to enjoy your stay in Barcelona during the 3 Day Startup Barcelona 2013. Here the breakfast is free if you book your room in the official website:
  3. Barcelona City Seven is a budget accommodation located on the famous street of Barcelona Aribau in the upper city center. In Barcelona City Seven you will find all the amenities that interest you in a hostel in Barcelona with excellent value for money and in a very quiet and well connected with the rest of the city. The breakfast in also free in its website:

Enjoy Depeche Mode music and Enjoy Barcelona ;-) !!

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