Cannelloni of Sant Esteve


The Cannelloni of Sant Esteve is a dish that is not lacking in almost any table or Catalunya Barcelona on December 26th, the feast dedicated to the Holy Christian.

Tradition says that Sant Esteve cannelloni were cooked leftovers to take meals from previous days. Today, though no longer so, yes it is true that Sant Esteve cannelloni are still a very typical dish.


The cannelloni are a typical Italian pasta but eat a lot both in Catalonia and in Spain. Although there are people who stuffed with vegetables or spinach, we typically fill with minced meat (Sant Esteve cannelloni are made of flesh).

Internet browsing will find hundreds of recipes for cannelloni Sant Esteve. All are very similar, but each gives a personal touch.

Sant Esteve cannelloni are a fun meal to prepare, but always just gathering the family around the table.

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