Fotomemorizador, an original gift about Barcelona

Christmas come and often we look for original gifts. Well, the Fotomemorizador can be one of them if you live in Barcelona or if you are coming to visit Barcelona or if you’re just in love with the city ūüôā

The Fotomemorizador is a memory game based on one of the main characteristics of human beings: curiosity. We propose a different and fun challenge Fotomemorizador. Follow the clues to find places of Barcelona there printed on each card!

FotoMemorizador-BarcelonaThe Fotomemorizador has been designed for residents of Barcelona know their city better and enjoy playing through their sites and discovering details and curiosities that probably did not know. Moreover, in terms of tourists, the intended Fotomemorizador tourists coming to visit Barcelona understand how the locals live, ask them details about their city and think like them.

The Fotomemorizador has 25 pieces with images of details of Barcelona city. What we want you to do is find the places, that simple! The pieces give you a visual reference and you may even know some of the places, but it is unlikely you will know all of them.

For finding them we have liven the game up with a list of clues that hide the answer. Read them, interpret them and crumble them as much as you need until you figure out the message. Once done, go to the place and focus with the fotoscope to see the piece of the Fotomemorizador! in situ and cheer with yourself for having beaten the challenge.

Advices when reading the clues of Fotomemorizador:

· They are full of key words and expressions.
· Think about different kinds of tracks or urban spaces: street, avenue, square, park.
· Many references are geographical.
· Having a map can do much good.
¬∑ If you play fair,¬†the internet won’t be a big help.
· The proper names -visible or hidden- are distinguished figures.
· The words in Italic are literal translations of some significance.
· And most important: if you are looking for the toilet in a house, who would you ask?

The Fotomemorizador can be used on 5 different game modes (Classic, Adventure Group, Playing Cards, Ultimate Challenge, Periplus). It depends of the time you want to use to play. Some of the game modes can be used, for example, as Barcelona walk around to get to know places.

We believe that Fotomemorizador can be a very good Christmas gift for fans of the city and for those who are traveling to Barcelona soon. So, now you know, you can add to the letter of Three Kings ūüėČ

Licenciada en Periodismo y enamorada de Barcelona desde 1986. Disfruto escribiendo posts y haciendo fotos de mi ciudad natal para BCN City Hotels, tarea que combino con la comunicación y el marketing online y que me mantienen siempre hiper-conectada a Internet.

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