Observatori Fabra, walk among the stars

The Observatori Fabra (Fabra Observatory) is an astronomical observatory located in a privileged area of Barcelona, on a buttress of the Tibidabo mountain overlooking the sea and surrounded by forest.

The Observatori Fabra was inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII in 1904. Since then, the observatory has been a landmark of the city of Barcelona and has become one of the monuments that make up the city skyline.

From the Observatori Fabra can be seen wonderful landscapes of Barcelona city, the delta of Llobregat river and part of the region of El Maresme. In the Observatori Fabra is still practiced the same scientific activity for which it was created over 100 years ago: meteorology, seismology and astronomy. Its location, 413 meters high, among the pines and a clear horizon, has allowed him to continue enjoying great interest as meteorological and astronomical source.

Visits to Observatori Fabra

The Observatori Fabra daytime visits on Sundays and holidays at 11 and 12.30 days. You can go without a reservation.

Between October and June, the Observatori Fabra also allows nocturnal visits to make the most of the sky and stars. These visits take place on Friday and Saturday nights and reservations are necessary.

And if you want to spend an unforgettable night, from June to September you can also enjoy dinner + visit to the Observatori Fabra.

  • More information about Observatori Fabra in the official website: www.fabra.cat

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