Hotels near Hospital Clinic in Barcelona


Are you looking for hotels near Hospital Clínic of Barcelona because you have an early intervention or accompany someone to a visit? We recommend three good budget accommodation options when traveling to Barcelona for medical issues.

As you know, the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona is at the center of the city. For this reason, many accommodation (hotels, guesthouses …) near the Hospital have higher rates. But it is not the case of hotels near Clínic we are going to write about…

Barcelona City Centre, accommodation near the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona

The first option if you want a hotel near the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona is Barcelona City Centre. It is a quiet, clean and with everything you need for your stay. It is located in the city center, as its name indicate. It is well connected with all the city and you can reach walking or by bus or metro to anywhere. Although it is classified as a hostel, all the amenities it offers will make feel you in a hotel.

Hotels near Hospital Clinic in Barcelona

Barcelona City Street, sleeping near the Hospital Clínic but in a quiet area of ​​Barcelona

Many of us need quiet to sleep . In Barcelona we say that the area of ​​Avenida Diagonal up ( the upper part of the city) is much quieter than the Avenida Diagonal down. Therefore we recommend the Barcelona City Street, near the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona but located in a very quiet accommodation.

Barcelona City Seven, rests near the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona

The Barcelona City Seven is a budget hotel located in the famous street in Barcelona Aribau, also near the Hospital and in the upper part of Barcelona. We will offer all the amenities that interest you on an excellent value for money and in a very quiet and central location that will allow you to quickly get to the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona.

The three accommodation near Hospital Clínic of Barcelona offer free breakfast when you book your room through its official website. In addition, it also offers other benefits such as free wi-fi or a computer with Internet access (free of charge) if you have to follow attending your business.


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