Tres Tombs 2014

Tres Tombs is a popular holiday around the feast of San Antonio Abad (January 17). Three Tombs 2014 in the district of Sant Antoni, which are the most popular in Barcelona, ​​will take place on Saturday January 25.

The main ritual of the Tres Tombs is three laps with horses, wagons and other draft animals inside the population. Therefore, this rite is called Tres Tombs (the word “Tombs” in Catalan means “laps”) or even “Past”, “Blessed” and “Passing”.

Tres Tombs 2014

At past it giving three laps around a space where a huge bonfire made ​​with green branches grew. Once Christianity has a greater presence, the dumps are made around the church of San Antonio or, failing that, to the image of the saint, where the blessing of the animals is done. In many places, as in the district of Sant Antoni de Barcelona, ​​during Tres Tombs celebration is customary to bring pets like cats, dogs and birds to be blessed.

There are tow Tres Tombs’ celebrations in Barcelona: one is in the district of Sant Andreu del Palomar and the other (the most famous) in the district of Sant Antoni in Barcelona. Joan Amades wrote in his famous Customari that in the year 1432 there was an incident between two guilds. For this reason it was decided that the guild held last tenant what the party so that the trappings of the two guilds were not confused on the first Sunday after Saint Antoni day.

Tortell of Tres Tombs Day

As happens Epiphany is typical eating “Tortell” of Tres Tombs (also called Tortell of Sant Antoni Abad)

Tortell is a typical cake of Catalan cuisine. Is ring-shaped and is made of brioche dough, pastry or some other class and filling various ingredients like marzipan, cream, cream, jam, pumpkin, etc.. that can be candied fruit or pine nuts, plus the icing sugar on top.

As happens with twisted roll of kings, the Sant Antoni tortell carries hidden in his fill some figures (in this case, typical day is celebrated).

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