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If you have to come from afar to Hospital Quiron Barcelona for medical reasons, probably will have to search for hotels near the Hospital Quiron Barcelona (hotels or hostels, accommodation …). We will try to help you.

Hospital Quiron Barcelona (also called Clínica Quirón) is located in an emblematic and central location of the city, at the confluence of the Passeig de Sant Gervasi, the Avinguda Republic Argentina and Ronda de Dalt.

Our recommendations about nearby hotels and lodging to the Hospital Quiron Barcelona will offer all the amenities of a hotel at hostel prices. Do not miss anything during your stay in Barcelona. The medical travel issues are not easy and feel comfortable is important.

Barcelona City North, a guest house with the amenities of many hotels close to Hospital Quiron Barcelona.

If you are looking for hotels or accommodation near Hospital Quiron Barcelona, the Barcelona City North is a very good choice. This accommodation offers you all the conveniences that interest you in a hostel in Barcelona with excellent value for money (wi-fi, fridge in room …).

Barcelona City North, a guest house with the amenities of many hotels close to Hospital Quiron Barcelona.

 Prices are adjusted and if you book on their official website leaves you free breakfast.

Barcelona City Seven and B&B Barcelona City Street,  also near to Hospital Quiron Barcelona.

The Barcelona City Seven is a cheap accommodation located in the famous Barcelona Aribau street, also near Hospital Quiron Barcelona and also in the upper part of Barcelona. This accommodation will offer you all the amenities that interest you on an excellent value for money and in a very quiet and central location will allow you to quickly get to Hospital Quiron Barcelona.

Barcelona City Street also gives you everything you need: all rooms of the Barcelona City Street have free wifi, fridge, heating, TV, hairdryer and other amenities that will allow you the necessary rest during your stay in Barcelona for medical reasons.

How to get to Hospital Quiron Barcelona.

Hospital Quiron Barcelona is located in the Plaza Alfonso Comin, 5.

If you are driving:

  • From the Ronda de Dalt: Take Exit 6 and surround the square to Calle Alfonso Comin Esteve Terrades. On the street Esteve Terrades make a U-turn to enter the parking Hospital.
  • From the street Balmes: Climb Craywinkel Street, follow the road to the plaza Sant Gervasi Alfonso Comin and take a stretch of the street Esteve Terrades. Make a U-turn to enter the parking Hospital.
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