Museum of World Cultures opens in Barcelona in 2015


Barcelona will have a new museum in 2015. This is the Museum of World Cultures, which will open early next year.

The Museum of World Cultures will have a total of 557 original objects from the permanent collection of the Ethnological Museum of Barcelona, ​​the collections Folch, the Clos Archaeological Foundation and Duran / Vall-Llosera Collection in Marqués de Lió Nadal and palaces .

The Museum of World Cultures main mission is the preservation, presentation and dissemination of the artistic and cultural heritage of various cultures in Africa, Asia, America and Oceania.

Museum of World Cultures opens in Barcelona in 2015

The Museum displays cultural diversity through artistic experience of the people from a multidisciplinary perspective and aims to become a platform for the dissemination and outreach of heritage and knowledge of other cultures.

The ground floor will be occupied by Africa, where the tour will begin with the presentation of the art of the ancient kingdom of Benin and the Art of Equatorial Guinea , which ceremonial sculptures and masks from West and Central Africa are also approximate , while end Ethiopia , one of the cradles of cultural continent.

On the first floor will be Oceania. Also on this floor visitors will find Asian culture, with dedicated to sculpture, ceramics, printmaking , painting , jewelery and architecture from the Philippines , Indonesia , India , Nepal, Nuristan, Gandhara , Tibet , Thailand , Burma , China , Japan halls and Korea, that will include aspects such as the expansion of Buddhism.

America will lead the second floor with its pre-Columbian art from north to south and the ground floor will also house additional exhibition area .

The website of the Museum of World Cultures already operational so we can get to know the project:

After knowing the exact date of its opening, we can confirm that since its inauguration on Saturday 7 February until April 7, entry is free

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