Barcelona is the third most photographed city in the world

Barcelona is the third most photographed in the world, after New York City and Rome. This data is the conclusion that Google has taken through the data obtained by the application Sightmaps (, showing the most photographed the planet through heat maps locations.


Google has developed a ranking of the ten most photographed cities in the world . The list has a strong European presence , as eight of the ten most photographed cities in the continent are : Rome, Barcelona , Paris , Istanbul , Venice , Monte Carlo, Venice and Budapest , in order of relevance Photographic.

Sightmaps could make a heat map showing the ten most photographed cities in the world thanks to all of these images were captured with geolocation , an application that determines where the user is , and then went to Google Maps.

The surge in the use of mobile technologies  combined with geolocation and social networks like Instagram, Facebook and similar social networks, make every day we can see thousands of photos of travelers. Take pictures with your smartphone or tablet when we travel and share them with our friends is becoming more and more in part of the travel experience .

Licenciada en Periodismo y enamorada de Barcelona desde 1986. Disfruto escribiendo posts y haciendo fotos de mi ciudad natal para BCN City Hotels, tarea que combino con la comunicación y el marketing online y que me mantienen siempre hiper-conectada a Internet.

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