MNAC of Barcelona: National Museum of Catalan Art


The National Museum of Catalan Art, better known as MNAC of Barcelona, is one of the most important museums of the city along with the MACBA museum. It is a comprehensive museum but definitely the biggest attraction of the MNAC of Barcelona is its extensive collection of Romanesque, considered one of the most comprehensive in the world.

The MNAC of Barcelona as we know it today was established in 1990 and was the result of the merging of collections of the Museum of Modern Art, established in 1945, and the Museum of Catalan Art, opened in 1934. Although the National Museum of Catalan Art consists of several buildings, the main and best known is the National Palace of Montjuïc, a building that was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1929.

The exhibits at the MNAC of Barcelona report a general history of Catalan art from the Romanesque period to the mid-twentieth century. In the case of collections of Romanesque and Gothic, this discourse is characterized by the Catalan provenance of most of the pieces, though, particularly in the Gothic, a comparison with the art of other provenances. Regarding the collection of Renaissance and Baroque works that included lead to a more international discourse, the work of great painters, such as El Greco, Velázquez and Rubens, among others.
Of all the works exhibited at the MNAC in Barcelona, those related to Romanesque art are the most prominent. Without doubt, the amazing original Pantocrator from Sant Climent de Taüll is one of the works that attracts glances.

the amazing original Pantocrator from Sant Climent de Taüll is one of the works that attracts glances.

Visit the MNAC in Barcelona

  • Summer opening hours (May 2 to September 30): Tuesday to Saturday 10 AM to 8 pm Sundays and holidays from 10 to 3 PM
  • Winter opening hours (October 1 to April 20): Tuesday to Saturday 10 AM to 6 pm Sundays and holidays from 10 to 3 PM.

On Monday the National Art Museum of Catalunya remains closed. Also on January 1, May 1 and January 25 the MNAC is closed.

The price of the ticket to MNAC is 12 euros and you get a 30% discount if you are a student or families (in both cases you must credit it). If you take the Barcelona Tourist Bus ticket from Barcelona, you will have a 20% discount.

Free entrance to MNAC museum

You can get in free to the National Art Museum of Catalunya if you respond to any of these groups:

  • Unemployed people
  • Under 16 years old
  • Over 65 years of age
  • Teachers with credentials and School or student groups, accompanied by teachers or lecturers previous booking
  • People accompanying groups
  • Students with credentials from the corresponding department, carrying out research work

In addition, any person may also visit free Barcelona MNAC on Saturdays from 3 pm, first Sunday of each month, September 11th and 24th and May 18th, International Day of the Museums.

More information in the official website:

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