Flamenco in Barcelona


The people of Barcelona it seems curious the many tourists who come to our city and you will see …Flamenco Show in Barcelona! Incredible! In Barcelona Flamenco is not typical! It’s like seeing people buying Mexican hats in La Rambla de Barcelona ūüôĀ

It is curious how in a page of traveller opinions as Tripadvisor, Flamenco in Barcelona is the “tourist attraction” number 11 in our city. Amazing! And with this post we do not mean that there are no good shows. Sure there arereal good Flamenco shows in Barcelona! JJust call our attention to the Flamenco is offered as a tourist attraction of our city.


Walking along La Rambla of Barcelona is now common to see some familiar local Flamenco bar with long tails waiting to enter. Likewise, in the famous Plaza Real Entertainment Flamenco dinner + show are offered (by the way, pretty highly rated by users).

Most Tablaos Flamingos are logically successful tourism product of our city (luckily we live in a tourist town). However, there are some scenarios Flamenco in Barcelona that have been open since the early ’70s as one of the most famous, located in Las Ramblas, and have been paraded by many artists to its stage.

And you, have you ever gone to see Flamenco in Barcelona?


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