Where to eat paella in Barcelona: Top Restaurants


Looking for the best paella in Barcelona?? Ohhh! What a dilemma. Is not easy to find it!

If you come to Barcelona one of the things you probably want to do is eat paella, especially if it is spring or summer and you can also enjoy the paella on a terrace (although it is also nice to eat indoors). But you ask yourself: “But… where to eat the best paella in Barcelona?“. Sometimes it seems so difficult to tourists. We will try to help with some of the best restaurants where eat a good paella (try eat and decide if are the best paellas of Barcelona or not!).

But before start to write about the best restaurants, let’s go talk about paella.

Paella is a typical dish in Spain, specifically is a typical dish from Valencia but throughout the Mediterranean coast enjoyed a very good paella (also in Barcelona, of course!) The first thing you want to recommend is that if you want to eat a good paella in Barcelona forget the good, nice and cheap formula. We are not saying that one has to be very expensive paella but neither pretend paella menu is exquisite.

Restaurant Barceloneta, very good paellas next to the sea!

Opened in 1996, the Barceloneta restaurant offers beautiful views of the port of Barcelona, excellent service and one of the best paella in Barcelona. Definitely we recommend it!!!

It’s located in Barceloneta neighborhood and it stands out for its paella as for its seafood.
The Barceloneta restaurant owned by the same restaurant group that l’Olive restaurant, about which we have spoken in another post and we have recommended to eat if you are in the center of Barcelona.

Restaurant 7 portes, a very famous restaurant in Barcelona with delicious paellas…

The Restaurant 7 portes is a classic in Barcelona. Famous characters as Orson Welles, Federico García Lorca and Picasso visited its dinning room. Its menu is filled with Catalan dishes and paella is one of its specialities.

Restaurant Can Majó, enjoy paella and mediterranean cuisine

The restaurant Can Majó is also located in the district of Barceloneta. It is another classic in the area. This has been open over 40 years and has passed from generation to generation.

Make food choices carefully. Highly recommended is the lobster with rice and variety of entrees from the sea.

If you enjoy a good paella in warmer weather, you can enjoy its terrace.

Have you eaten a good paella elsewhere? What is the best paella in Barcelona for you? Tell us!


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