Bunker of Carmel


Although little known, one of the best viewpoints in Barcelona is located in Carmel (or Carmelo), specifically on the lookout Bunker of Carmel (also known as Bunker Turo de la Rovira). Going there is a different way to enjoy Barcelona, ​​and so worth. Until recently, the Mirador del Carmel was seldom visited by tourists as they do not appear in guidebooks and difficult access is an argument against it. Although this is a site of interest because we can see a view of the whole city.

Today the bunker is Spanish Historical Heritage and the area is registered as one of the best viewpoints in the city of Barcelona. From the top you see the whole panoramic city, with the sea in the background and a huge sky over it. If you love photography, you have to visit this place.

How to arrive to Bunker of Carmel?

The easiest thing to get to the viewpoint of Carmel is up to the Parc del Carmel in metropolitan bus, which stops at the last stop in Plaça de la Mitja Lluna. There’s a bowls club and climbing stairs, take the stairs, then we turn one way and up, there is a walk of about fifteen minutes to reach.

Also taking the Metro blue line (L4), you can get off of Carmel. From there we will have to take the “bus barrels” to stop-LABERNIA panorama. After climbing a small hill you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city.Worth it!

We recommend watching the sunset from the bunker, and we will enjoy amazing views of the city lighting, definitely a show well worth seeing is falling in love even more than Barcelona 😉

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