Water Tower in Besos, a new wievpoint in Barcelona


From today, Barcelona has a new viewpoint to enjoy panoramic views of the city. This is the Torre de les Aigues del Besós (Water Tower), reopened today after many years in restoration.

This Water Tower is considered one of the most beautiful of its kind in Catalonia, as it has been painted and drawn by many renowned artists. Located in the popular neighborhood of Poble Nou, specifically in the Plaça Ramon Calsina Baró, artist who painted the Torre de les Aigues Besos in many of his paintings as a symbol.

Torre de les Aigues Besos was built 132 years ago in order to distribute water to the neighboring Ciutat Vella. But salinity did it to end earmarking industrial uses.


The rehabilitation project has been promoted by the City Council of Barcelona and Aguas de Barcelona ( Agbar ), which signed a rehabilitation in 2009, as the state of degradation presented in the decade of the century , the result of neglect, it was necessary completely remodel the place to be used as part of the cultural heritage of Barcelona.
The refurbishment of the Tower has lasted three years, which have focused on cleaning materials, stairs restoration and improvement of lighting, while maintaining most of the original features of the building.

The inauguration of the Water Tower or Torre de les Aigues will learn through guided inside this curious building and know what the mechanical extraction process waters in the nineteenth century visitors. In addition , its reopening will enjoy a new viewpoint with a panoramic view of the surroundings and see the great urban transformations of the place. As happens with the Parc Güell or the little known Bunker of Carmel, it is an ideal place for photography lovers enjoy taking pictures with his camera the scenery from the top is visible place .

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