Sant Jordi in Barcelona, the day of the book and the roses

If someone asks us what day of the year is the best year to visit Barcelona, ​​we are clear : that day is Sant Jordi . Barcelona is wonderful to see the day of Sant Jordi. It is a mixture of feelings, color and culture. Also, being in the middle of spring, usually accompanied by good weather and joy.

On April 23th, World Book Day is celebrated worldwide. Initially, the Spanish booksellers began to celebrate this tradition in 1923 agreeing that April 23 was the day that Miguel de Cervantes died . Many years later , in 1995 , UNESCO decided that the World Book Day also held this day since William Shakespeare also died on the same day also .

In Catalonia , however , and obviously in Barcelona, ​​the tradition goes further and Sant Jordi is an ode to books, roses and lovers. It is tradition that lovers give themselves a book and a rose (the man a rose to the woman, the woman a book to a man) . Barcelona becomes an outdoor bookshop-florist full of stands the Day of Sant Jordi.

Sant Jordi is the Day of books , roses and lovers, and it is also the patron of Catalonia. The streets are full of people. It is a day when walking down the street is a real pleasure.It is wonderful!. The atmosphere can be a bit overwhelming, but worth it. Although in most streets of Barcelona found some stands selling books and roses or any reference to Sant Jordi , it is clear that the center of Barcelona is the busiest area of activity. Of all the sites, La Rambla of Barcelona is the most full of activity in Sant Jordi in Barcelona street.

Sant Jordi in Barcelona, the day of the book and the roses

Booksellers and publishers put stands outside on the main streets of Barcelona. Besides selling roses and books, one of the main features of the Day of Sant Jordi in Barcelona is that different authors will sign their books and readers can meet them personally.

The Sant Jordi 2014 held just two days after the end of Easter 2014. If you are the lucky ones who have flexible jobs that allow you take some additional vacation day, we highly lengthen Easter in Barcelona a few days and live a Sant Jordi in Barcelona. Enjoy it. You like it! 😉

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