Enjoy spectacular views of Barcelona from Tibidabo having a drink

In previous posts we have already made ​​several proposals to enjoy Barcelona viewpoints and spectacular views of the city. However, we even had to talk about one of the points of Barcelona with a most impressive panoramic, which we recommend preferably up at sunset or night to make a drink and enjoy the atmosphere.

We are talking up to the top of the Avinguda Tibidabo to enjoy a drink, and to do so specifically in the Mirablau, a bar-restaurant famous for its role as lookout in Barcelona and at night also acts as music bar and disco. Mirablau is located in the Plaza Doctor Andreu.

We are sure that the first thing you’ll do is take a picture of the amazing views of the city before ordering a drink.


Mirablau opens every day at 11 AM until late at night, so if you are around during the day, you can take to make a visit to the local.

Also near the Mirablau, next to where TramVia Blau stops, is Mirabé, very similar to the local Mirablau but something more sophisticated.

Mirabé, defined on its website as “balcony of Barcelona”, opens from 7pm and it also has a restaurant where dinner enjoying spectacular views of Barcelona.


Although in previous posts we have talked about places to get good pictures and enjoy the view of our beautiful city free, the situation of these places that we have mentioned in this post are worthwhile in exchange for a drink. In addition, both sites are an original choice if you want places where going out at night in Barcelona 😉

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