Concepción Market, flowers 24 hours a day all year


Concepción Market (or Mercat de la Conception) is, after La Boqueria market and the market of Sant Antoni, one of the most famous markets of Barcelona. Its greatest feature is that in addition to the typical commercial stops any market where we can find meat, vegetables, fruits and the like, the Mercat de la Conception has a section devoted to flower stalls which is open 24 hours a day, 365 days year.

The market Conception is a modernist building with a typical iron structure and large glass windows. It is situated at Aragon street (so if you’ve circulated by car Barcelona, ​​you’ve gone ahead sure …) between the streets Valencia, Bruc and Girona. The market has retail space of more than 2,500 m².

Concepción Market, flowers 24 hours a day all year

Inside the Mercat de la Conception there is more than fifty food stalls where you can buy fresh produce; there are also the typical market bars, a supermarket and shops Service. The flower stalls are on the facade on Valencia Street.

The fact that florists Market of Conception are open all day, has been awarded this market the nickname “Flower Market” (Mercat de les flors) very often, but actually the real “Mercat de les Flors “is a space in Barcelona dedicated to music and dance.

During the first weekend in June, the sellers are dressed in time to celebrate the biggest party of the Right of the Eixample. Definitely days are especially curious to visit the market.

Now you know that if you ever need a flower bouquet of urgency for your girlfriend or you have to you to visit a hospital late at night, the Mercat de la Conception will always be open for you to buy the flowers you want. Even if the Day of Sant Jordi and forget to buy a rose and do not remember until late at night, you will have a place to buy it;-)

By the way! If you’re staying at Barcelona City Hotel (Hotel Universal), you have no excuse not to visit this interesting market. The market Concepción is just 5 minutes walk from this hotel in Barcelona center.

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