Mona of Pasqua (Easter cakes) in Barcelona

If you are in Barcelona at Easter, surely one of the things you will notice when you walk past the pastry is to see the large number of Easter cakes (or Mones de Pasqua, in Catalan) exposed there, and people queue to buy it their godchildren, but increasingly also purchase the fathers to their sons.

Mona de Pasqua is a typical cake in Catalonia, Murcia, Aragon, Valencia, and according to Wikipedia, Castilla La Mancha too. Originally it was a very simple cake, a piece of biscuit with a hard egg on top. Currently is an art of sweet and a treat for the sweet lovers 😉

Monas de Pasqua

Tradition says that is the godfather which gives “mona” to his godson in Easter Sunday after mass. However, there are more and more families where the parents are buying it off their children. In Catalonia and Barcelona, most people eat mona cake in the family meal Monday Pasqua, here holiday.

Although you love chocolate (we too!), we must recognize that some Easter cakes are true works of art. Strolling through Barcelona during pre-Easter week we will see many examples of this, some very prominent as the famous monkeys Escribà giants.

The chocolate figures we see represented in the Easter cake each year usually, often, a clear representation of the present moment. However, there is always room for tradition and never stop to see rabbits and chocolate eggs on top of these delicious cakes.

Mona de Pascua

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