Catalunya en Miniatura, the most featured of Catalonia in one place!


If you’re several days in Barcelona and you are someone who loves to see monuments a visit sure you will like much is Catalunya en Miniatura, a theme space of scale models that recreate the most impressive monuments known in Barcelona. Also, if you visit Barcelona with children, this is a highly recommended visit to the family.

Catalunya en Miniatura is like having a bird’s eye view of the main monuments and landscapes of Catalonia. Beyond the green that surrounds the park is impressive to you a pic standing next to the towers of the Sagrada Familia, or enjoy doing a photo hosting Estacio de França, the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Cathedral, the Royal Palace and Santa Anna Chappel.

Catalunya en Miniatura

Another mythical scale models where everyone standing a photo to is the Columbus Monument. It is impressive, especially when you’ve seen in actual size! Sure you want a photo with the discoverer of America!

Columbus monument in Catalunya en Miniatura

The scale models of Catalunya en Miniatura – nearly 150 – represent monuments of the four Catalan provinces. There are monuments of their capital and also landscapes of small and beautiful villages in Catalonia, such as the village of Catalan Pyrenees. In addition, we also find various monuments represented Mallorca and, occasionally, some of the rest of Spain, such as at Leon and Comillas, since they all have in common to be the work of the great Antoni Gaudí.

Another curious monuments is the scale models of Montserrat mountain. See there Montserrat is a very curious experience because Catalunya en Miniatura is located in the Barcelona-Montserrat if done by train. So, some tourists who make a visit to the park can see the scale models of Montserrat and then admire their greatness once actual dimensions come to the real mountain.

The work of the models is very thorough in most cases, which makes us think of the many hours that have had to invest to achieve those results. As an example, we can post the model of the Sagrada Familia was built by 13,000 hours and 6 modellers were needed; for the Montserrat massif 3 model makers invested a total of 6,000 hours.

But not only see scale models of monuments in Catalunya. Beyond the Montserrat mountains commented, we see very curious scale models like the station ski Port del Comte, the Tibidabo funicular, TV3 installations (Catalan regional television) or the beautiful seafront of Sitges.

Sitges in Catalunya en Miniatura

Fun for the heights: el Bosc Animat

But beyond the models of Catalunya en Miniatura, we have the option enjoy a day full of entertainment if what we like is the outdoor adventure. The Bosc Animat (Living Forest) consists of a number of circuits trees classified by level of difficulty in which young and old can enjoy nature while having fun.

Enjoy zip line, climb a tree or crossing a bridge between trees are some of the activities you can do in the Living Forest of Catalunya en Miniatura. Also, if all you want is to lie on a zip line, you have the option to buy just the ticket separately and slide down a giant zip line.

Giant zip line in Bosc Animat (Catalunya en Miniatura)

Catalunya en Miniatura and Bosc Animat are designed to spend a whole day of fun at the park. For this reason you will find on the premises both enabled for picnic as a bar and restaurant spaces. If you also want to save, you’ll see when you buy the ticket you have the option to purchase entry menu included a menu that lets you choose from 3 starters, 3 main and 3 desserts and includes drink, ideal for both small and adult.

Catalunya en Miniatura opened in 1983 and receives an average of 100,000 visitors a year. It is the largest miniature park in the 14 existing parks miniature reproductions in Europe. Although many visitors enjoy activities with family, more and more tourists decide to visit Catalunya en Miniatura (mainly Russian, French and Japanese lately).

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