What to see in Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

Come to Barcelona and like to look beyond the typical sights? So Gothic Quarter is one of the areas that you should visit!

And that is OK but perhaps you are thinking let’s see the Gothic Quarter, but … what to see in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona?. Let’s go!

1). Walk through Las Ramblas.

Do not forget that Las Ramblas are part of the Gothic Quarter. Do not miss them walk around and see the wonderful shows that we provide artists: human figures, portraits look like photographs, paintings with airbrush … All this in one of the most photographed places in the world: Las Ramblas.

2) Santa Anna Church.

A place seldom visited by tourists (and locals!) And lovely though and worth seeing. The Recollect church of St. Anna is located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, ​​in the city center, but in a place hidden from the people. To get to it you can do it from the Plaça Catalunya, down the Avenue Portal de l’Angel and turn right onto Santa Anna. When you are near the middle of the street you will see a small site where a florist hides and gives access to a plaza (Square Ramon Amadeu) There is the church of Santa Anna!

Claustro de la Iglesia de Santa Anna en Barcelona

Admission is 2 € but totally worth paying. The church of Santa Anna declared a national monument in 1881 and has also been declared a national cultural interest.

3) Plaza Real in Barcelona.

A classic of the Gothic Quarter. The Royal Plaza (Plaza Real) is located just off Las Ramblas and has been the scene of several films.

Barcelona Plaça Reial, in Gothic Quarter

Erected in the mid nineteenth century, the Royal Plaza is designed in the neoclassical style, but attract attention modernist lampposts that Gaudí designed to place in the middle of the Plaza.

4) Barcelona’s Cathedral.

Even if you decide not to spend much time in the Gothic Quarter, the Cathedral is a must.

The present cathedral was built during the thirteenth to fifteenth on the old Romanesque cathedral, built in turn on a Visigothic church which was preceded by an early Christian basilica, whose remains can be seen at the Museum of City History.

Catedral de Barcelona, en el barrio Gótico

5) Sant Jaume Square (Plaça Sant Jaume).

This square is where you will find the City of Barcelona and the Generalitat, the seat of the autonomous government of Catalonia.

Sant Jaume Square is named after a church demolished in 1824 and has been the center of political life of the city from the fourteenth century

6) Santa Maria del Mar Church

Although wrongly called Cathedral of the Sea, it’s actually a church: the church of Santa Maria del Mar, and is a highly recommended visit of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.

Although it has always been very famous in Barcelona became especially famous with Ildefonso Falcones book “La Catedral del Mar” which had the building as the protagonist.

Santa Maria del Mar (Catedral del Mar)

7) Pi Square and surrounds

Another essential site of the Gothic Quarter is the Plaza del Pi, where some Saturdays can find an artisanal fair food. There you will find the church of Pi, beautiful, and from there you can leave you walking on the street Petritxol where we recommend you take a cup of chocolate (especially if it’s winter).

Feria de alimentos artesanales en la Plaça del Pi

Here are some of the most outstanding sites to see in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. Do, you highlight some more?

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