More than a simple “Museo del Jamón”: an interpretive center

Our city has many museums, but until now there was not a Museo del Jamon in Barcelona.

But this has changed. Barcelona has a Museo del Jamón from today. It is a private initiative by the businessman charcuterie Enrique Thomas, owner of more than 50 facilities dedicated exclusively to the hams, a very typical product of Spain.

The Museo del Jamon in Barcelona is more specifically an interpretation center of ham, named Jamón Experience. It is the first of its kind worldwide. The place is in an area of ​​more than 2000 meters square meters, in the famous Rambla of Barcelona and we are sure it will receive many visits so appetizing your theme.

Enrique Tomás announced that during the first year of Jamón Experience he expected to reach the figure of 150,000 visitors a year and 200,000 in 2015.

Visits to this sophisticated Museo del Jamon of Barcelona will cost 19€ per person, a reasonable amount if we consider that the entry combines culture and cuisine and includes a 25-minute audio tour and tasting hams later.

On tasting ham you can eat grade a ham, a cured ham from pigs that have not completed montonera in the pasture (the pig has not eaten acorn in his last months of life); and finally a slice of each of the denominations of origin of Iberian Jamón: Guijuelo, Dehesa de Extremadura, Pedroches Valley and Jabugo (Huelva).

A Giant Jamón, responsible for welcoming the Museum.

We are confident that the Museo del Jamón not go unnoticed, but in addition a giant 4 meter ham you welcome visitors to the museum for anyone passing through the entrance without seeing it.

So make sure you do not need to go with the map in hand because the ham will tell you the way;-)

Once inside the museum, as the purpose is that everyone knows more about ham (from a child to an adult), the tour is interactive and explains the process of preparing a favorite meal by the Spaniards. Through 3D projections, a virtual guide takes the viewer on a route begins on a table in a restaurant in which the visitor becomes first diner and asks for a plate of Iberico. From here arises the thread to explain to visitors the particularities of hams, but always easily.

The Jamon Experience by Enrique Thomas, we wish its tremendous success both thematically and by location, is located in the Rambla de les Flors 88-94 (in front of La Boqueria market)

The website of this innovative museum is still under construction but we are sure that soon we will see

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