Barcelona is the 6th city with more powerful brand in the world according to The Guardian


Barcelona is the 6th city in the world with the most powerful brand. That is the conclusion of a barometer done for The Guardian newspaper in which, among other factors, respondents have been asked by the weather of the city, transport and also measured the movement of the brand in social networks.

If we were very proud yesterday with news of the award of the tourist promo video Love Casa Batlló, and which gave rise again to the internationalization of Gaudí’s work, imagine how happy we have started to read this news in the British newspaper.

Barometer says about Barcelona: <<Everybody loves Barcelona: in technical terms, the brand is a bit like Rio without the crime, though of course without that city’s upcoming high-profile world events>>.

The report measures two aspects of a city’s brand: its “assets” – attractions, climate, infrastructure (particularly transport), safety and economic prosperity – and its “buzz”, a combination of social media (Facebook likes and Twitter sentiment analysis) and media mentions. Assets and buzz were each graded out of 10; the numbers were added to produce a total score. (Scroll down for an interactive bar chart of the final ranking.)

Barcelona got a total score of 15.8 out of 20: 6.8 out of 10 in the active and 9 of 10 on the social networking presence, something we certainly have felt very sharer 😀

Los Angeles (USA) is the first barometer ranked city, followed by New York, London, Paris and Seoul. Madrid is the other Spanish city also appears in the report, ranking twelfth.


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