Discos with tents (“carpas”) in Barcelona or nearby


With the arrival of warm weather, go to discos with carpas (tents) is one of the things we would like to do. Normally you know we always say that in Barcelona you have everything .. Well, nightclubs tents is one of those things we lack so we have quite a few alternatives that lead us to move at fairly nearby locations (some even arriving by tram ). Let’s see what suggestions we have if we leave Barcelona tents by night.

La Carpa Barcelona

This is the name of a famous nightclub is actually located on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, although it is very close to Barcelona. In fact, you can reach by subway perfectly (for Pubilla Cases. L5).

La Carpa Barcelona has a large outdoor space with two distinct environments for their music where we find a main room you can listen to House, Dance, Electro Pop and successes Latinos and a second room where the predominant Reggaeton and Latin music.

The club also features a large swimming pool. Carpa Barcelona opens from Tuesday to Sunday so you can go out and enjoy the evening on weekdays also.

Carpas Bora-Bora

In Barbera del Valles, near Sabadell, about 25 kilometers from Barcelona, are Carpas Bora-​​Bora, which in May opened its doors to the public.

Open only on Fridays and Saturdays (and holidays). Only have a hall where alternating rhythms house with reggaeton and trade issues.

You should go to drive there, so you know which one touches him stay without drinking;-)

Carpas Eibisi

Also something away from Barcelona, about 30 kilometers, are the Eibisi Carpas, next to Granollers.

Like the above, they are well known and frequented by people. They quite some years already running.

As in the Bora-​​Bora tents, find reggaeton, house and commercial music, but here on two different tents.

Because of their situation, you should also take the car.

A good alternative to the tents in Barcelona, 15 minutes’ walk from Plaça España…

And if you do not want to take the car because you are too lazy, or even the first option that you think you have taken too far, you can always try to live the night at the disco The Terrraza located within the mythical Poble Espanyol of Barcelona about 15 minutes walk from the Plaza Spain.

La Terrazza offers outdoor electronic music in a very unique setting: the house Son Berga, an incredible mansion Balearic style.



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