Tapas Route in Nou Barris neighborhood all Thursdays


We talked more times about tapas in Barcelona and even initiatives of cheap or low cost tapas in our city.

In fact, not many weeks ago we wrote about  Tapantoni, an initiative of the district of Sant Antoni which allowed us to make a lid over a beer on Wednesdays.

The success of such actions and it is indisputable that San Antoni is not the only neighborhood to carry it out. Nou Barris district has also joined the initiative and every Thursday you can enjoy in the area a tapa plus a drink for only 1.95 euros.

This initiative has its own name. It is called ‘ Pinxo-Panxo ‘ and is a gastronomic route in the 33 participating bars.

Some of the most famous bars included in Pinxo-Panxo initiative are Can Cuixart, Egarri – Txapeldun , Sybaris , Conde Dracula or El Raconet , among many others.

There is a small web catalog that anyone visiting it and you feel like going to test it quickly because the images whet the appetite . In addition , there you will find the complete list of cheap places to eat tapas on Thursdays in the Nou Barris district.

There is a small online catalog where you can see all bars that offer tapa and drink at this price. In addition, you can view photos of the tapas, that will surely whet your appetite 😉

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